SLH-100 Slotting Head

XC624C1-40 Universal Head

XW6032B Universal Milling Machine

12,272.00w/o VAT

Arm-type universal milling machine with horizontal spindle and movable vertical milling head. Flat guideways on the table provide high work stability. Hardened  and ground faces of guideways and table.

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Technical Specifications



Table sizemm1320×320
Size (width) of slotsmm14
Distance between slotsmm63
Max. load of tablekg300
Table working travels
Longitudinal travel (manual and automatic)mm1000
Cross travel (manual and automatic)mm300
Vertical travel (manual and automatic)mm400
Horizontal and vertical spindle
Horizontal spindle taper7:24 ISO50
Vertical spindle taper of milling head7:24 ISO40
Spindle speed/stepsrpm58-1800/12
Distance from vertical spindle axis to column surfacemm320
Distance from vertical spindle nose to table surfacemm0-341
Distance from horizontal spindle axis to table surfacemm0-400
Distance from horizontal spindle axis to arm bottommm175
Arm travelmm500
X/Y longitudinal/cross feed/steps mm/min20-360/8
X/Y longitudinal/cross rapid speedmm/min1200
Z vertical/step (rapid speed, 1 step)mm/min400
Main motorkW4
(X/Y/) Feeding motorkW0.55
(Z) Feeding motorkW0.75
Cooling motorkW0.09
Packing dimensionscm193x207x225
Overall dimensionscm190×201.5×175

Standard Equipment

  • X/Y/Z 3 axes DRO
  • Vertical milling head
  • Movable control panel
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Work lamp
  • Cooling system
  • Milling  chuck set
  • Milling arbors sets Ø27 and Ø32 mm
  • Clamping tools for the spindles
  • Chip tray
  • Technical documentation


Optional Equipment

SLH-100 Slotting Head

  • arm travel – 100 mm
  • double travels – 60-350 stroke/min, 6 steps
  • motor – 250W

PRICE: 1350 BGN w/o VAT

Щос глава SLH-100 на универсална фрезова машина XW6032B
SLH-100 Slotting Head

XC624C1-40 Universal Head

  • possibility for 2 axes rotation – spindle taper – ISO40
  • distance from spindle axis to column surface  – 140 mm
  • weight – 145 kg

PRICE: 1820 BGN w/o VAT

Универсална глава XC624C1-40 на универсална фрезова машина XW6032B
XC624C1-40 Universal Head