серия Z8210серия Z8210

Facing and Centering Machines HARRIS, Z8210 series

SKU: Z8210

Z8210 series facing and centering machines are mainly intended for machining faces and centering holes of shaft parts in mass and serial production – in the automotive industry, production of electric motors, reducers and gearboxes, etc. The machining is performed with the help of two opposite spindle boxes, each of which has one milling and one drilling spindle. The spindle boxes are on cross slide tables that carry out the feed movements of the spindles on two horizontal axes. The cross slide tables are powered by NC-operated servomotors and ball screws. This provides high performance in the working cycle and quick and easy re-adjustment when changing the workpiece. The parts are tightened in hydraulic vices located between the spindle boxes.

Replacing spindle tools with suitable tool holders and accessories, the machine can also perform the operations of conical countersinking, machining of holes with cylindrical countersinks, cleaning of studs, external cylindrical turning, milling and grooving, threading, etc. with special accessories and tool holders.

The automatic cycle operation is performed with CNC control.

Cycle time: It takes 90 seconds for machining with diameter φ80 mm (no loading and unloading time).

Other sizes and models can be offered too, in case of specific interest and request. This includes machines for other dimensions of the workpiece, special performance with regard to the work carried out, one-sided performance and others.

Technical Specifications

Description Z8210 х 120

Z8210 х 150

Z8210 х 200
Diameter of workpiecemm

φ20 -100

Length of workpiecemm300 – 1200300 – 1500400 – 2000
Machining capacity of center holes

Standard center holes of type A, B and R

Material loading heightmm


Stroke of sliding table for X-axis mm


Stroke of sliding table for Z-axismm


Feeding speed of sliding tablemm /min

0 – 8,000

Maximum clamping force of vicesN


Face-milling spindle speedr/min

350 – 800

Centering spindle speedr/min

700 – 1500

Spindles Motorkw

2 × 5.5 kw = 11 kw

Cutting cooling system motorkw

2 × 0.5 kw = 1 kw

Servo NC motorkw

2.3 kw × 4 = 9.2 kw

Pump station motorkw


Total machine powerkw

around 25 kw, 380V 50 Hz

Machining precisionDeviation of total workpiece lengthmm


Center hole depth deviationmm


Runout of end faces relative to center holemm


Roughness of end facesmm


Roughness of center hole surfacemm


Hydraulic oil demandl


Cutting fluid demandl


Lubricating oil demandl


Total machine weightkg7500


Overall sizes (L × W × H)mm3600 × 1700 × 1900

3600 × 2000 × 1900

3600 × 2500 × 1900
Machine color

Agreed with the customer

Standard Equipment

  1. CNC system: SYNTEC 6D

Frequency converter: INVT

  1. Clamping vices with jaws – 2 pcs.
  2. Milling heads – 2 pcs.
  3. Drilling cutter components – 2 pcs.
  4. KOMPASS hydraulic elements
  5. ISHAN lubrication system with pump
  6. Cooling and chip discharge components

Prices of different models of facing and centering machines – upon specific request and customer’s conditions and after technical agreement with the manufacturer.