Безконзолмна фрезова машина XA7140Безконзолмна фрезова машина XA7140

XA7150 Bed-type Milling Machine


XA Bed-Type Milling Machines

HARRIS Bed-type Milling Machines – ХА7140 and ХА1750 are designed for milling of medium and heavy prismatic and body parts. This is achieved by:

  • Stable MEEHANITE cast-iron construction;
  • Rectangular quideways Y/Z with high rigidity;
  • Z-axis feed is provided by the milling head, which ensures tables’ load carrying capacity up to 800 kg (for XA7140) and up to 2000 kg (for XA7150);
  • The dimensions and travels of X and Y axes of work tables ensure the possibility of processing large parts with dimensions corresponding to their load capacity;
  • Headstock swivels   +/- 30°.

Technical Specifications

Model XA7140XA7150
Table sizemm1400 х 4002000 х 400
Х-axis table travelmm800 (1000-optional)1500
У-axis table travelmm400 (360 on indication)620
Table Т-slots: pcs/sizes/distancemm3/18/100
Table loadkg8002000
Spindle endISO50
Spindle speedrpm18-1800 (stepless)66-1440 (12 steps)
Spindle travelmm105
Distance from spindle nose to table surface (Z travel)mm150 – 650100 – 650
Distance from spindle axis to column surfacemm520600
Table feeds (Х/У axes)mm/min18 – 627 (9 steps)20-2000 (stepless)
Milling head feed (Z axis)mm/min18-627 (9 steps)20-2000
Table rapid travel (Х/У axes)mm/min16703500
Milling head rapid travelmm/min16702500
Main motorkW7,56,5/8
Feeding motor Х/УkW0,75
Feeding motor ZkW0,75
DC feeding motorkW2,8 /18 Nm/
Cooling pump motorkW0,040,09
Overall machine dimensionsmm2290/1770/21203000/2285/2340
Machine net weightkg38605000

Standard Equipment

  • Milling arbor – 1 pc
  • Milling chuck – 1 pc
  • Tools, foundation bolts, leveling pads, etc.
  • Halogen lamp
  • Cooling system
  • СЕ norms

Optional Equipment

  • 3 axes DRO