Insize Measurement Instruments Catalogue


Matrix for Murata Wiedemann

A range of tools destined for use on a wide number of punching machines.

The products on offer include punches, dies and strippers up to H station, perfectly compatible with Wiedemann model 114.


Matrix Tool Sharpening

Tool sharpening often presents a problem, especially in case of inclined or double inclined tools, as in the case of whisper sharpening.

Matrix can get around the problem enabling quick and easy sharpening of the tool.

MGM-150A is an innovative and easy-to-use automatic Sharpening Machine, designed to sharpen any hardened steel punching tool in a reliable way.


Matrix Iron Workers

Given the vast range of products available, Matrix catalogue shows only the main tools we manufacture. Many other types of tools are also available: for any information needed, please contact our sales department.


Matrix Tooling for Trumf Presses

A wide range of tools are available for these specific punching machines.

From the most common Standard Line, to ITS, a high performance system with cost effective tool management. Furthermore we offer the MultiTRUMPF line, which makes tool handling even more adaptable, available with 5 and 10 position models.